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Doing Our Part

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The Edge Volleyball Club

Mental Health Awareness Event

During the month of May (Mental Health Awareness Month) The Edge Volleyball Club hosts a Mental Health Awareness Event. During the event, Mental Health Awareness shirts are available for sale. All proceeds of these sales go to Maryville Academy. The event is filled with a plethora of in-house team competitions. Teams will participte in relay races, skills challenges, memory games, and much more while raising awareness and money for a wonderful cause. Our athletes come decked out in green gear to show their support in every way possible!

More About the Organization

Providing the support

How the Organization Helps

Maryville’s mission is to help children and families reach their fullest potential by empowering intellectual, spiritual, moral and emotional growth. Maryville Academy programs include residential, behavioral and mental health services, family support services, secondary and special education, and community development. Through its many programs Maryville Academy has helped thousands of families through difficult times.

A large group picture of Edge athletes wearing green to support mental health awareness
An Edge athlete playing volleyball while wearing all green in support for mental health awareness

Be a part of the relief

How can you help?

During late April/early May, The Edge Volleyball Club sells shirts and accepts donations for our Mental Health Awareness Event. These donations are presented to Maryville Academy after our Mental Health Awareness Volleyball event. Any other time of the year direct donations may be made to the organization by clicking the link below.

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