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The Edge Volleyball Club High School Program

Edge athletes celebrating their victory with a team selfie while biting down on their newly won medals

Train Like A Champion

Unleash the best athlete you can be

The High School Program is designed for Freshman through Seniors in High School looking to elevate their game. The athletes will be trained in a position that best suites them and will be taught overarching game knowledge as well as execution of advanced techniques. Athletes will get to test out their skills in tournaments around the area as well as a travel tournament, all before the ultimate test of a national tournament. Our high school program also offers strength training, conditioning, and recruiting assistance for athletes who are looking to play at a collegiate level.

The Details

The High School Program runs November to May with a national tournament in June. The top team will be sent to a national tournament. Retryouts will be held in May to determine which additional athletes we will be taking to a national tournament. If your athlete makes a national team, an additional charge to cover practice and tournament fees will be sent to families after the May internal tryout.

Practice Days & Times

All athletes must have current AAU and USAV memberships to participate in practices or tournaments.

15U & 16U:

Tuesdays & Thursdays:
7:30 P.M. - 10:00 P.M.
Setter Practices(Tue & Thu):
7:00 P.M. - 7:30 P.M.

16 White & 16 Red:

Mondays & Wednesdays:
5:00 P.M. - 7:30 P.M.
Setter Practices(Thur):
7:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.


Mondays & Wednesdays:
7:00 P.M. - 9:30 P.M.
A 15/16u Team may practice on the Monday/Wednesday schedule instead of the Tuesday/Thursday schedule due to court availability.

Holidays & Breaks

  • 11/22 & 11/23 (Thanksgiving)
  • 12/11 & 12/12 (Our Lady of Guadalupe Festival)
  • 12/22-1/7 (Winter Break)
  • 3/27-3/31 (Spring Break)

May Evaluations

We always encourage our athletes to push themselves for the greatest improvement as the season progresses. Because of this, we hold an internal tryout in May to decide which additional athletes we will be taking to an out of state national tournament.

High School Program (15U-17U)

2023-2024 Season

  • Season Length
  • November - May
  • What is covered:
  • Practice Package
  • Practice fees*
  • Tournament fees*
  • Coaching fees
  • Uniform Package
  • 2 practice shirts
  • 2 uniforms
  • Spandex
  • Athletic Bag
  • Kneepads
  • Warm-up top
  • Warm-up pants
  • * - The top team of every high school age group will participate in a national tournament in June. We will take additional teams to a national tournament; however, the cost of this is not included in the team fee for the regular season. Additional athletes taken to national tournaments will be determined by an internal tryout in May. The additional fee will be sent to families after this tryout.
9th Grade (15U)
View Tryouts
10th-11th Grades (16U-17U)
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Non-National Teams


National Teams

Teams will be billed an additional $200 per travel tournament one month before the tournament.
All HS teams will participate in at least 1 travel tournament

Payment Schedule

  • $500 commitment deposit due upon acceptance
  • 2nd payment - due first week of practice
  • 3rd payment - due in Dec
  • 4th payment - due in Jan
  • 5th payment - due in Feb (Teams participating in a National tournament)

Late Payment Policy:

All invoices older than 30 days without payment will incur a 10% late fee.


Date & Time:

High School tryouts will be split into two main tryouts. One in July and a second tryout after the IHSA school season.




The top team will be sent to nationals and their national fee is included in their season fee. All additional teams will participate in an internal tryout in May to go to a national tournament in June. For athletes chosen during May Evaluations, there will be an additional $375 fee to cover additional practices and tournament fees. Athletes are responsible for their own travel expenses.
If you have an outstanding balance from the previous season, you will not be able to participate until balance is paid.

Tryout Acceptance

Tryout results are posted the night of tryouts on our website and emailed the following day. Athletes will be asked to accept or decline their position in our program. Athletes may be listed as alternates and may be asked to return to future tryout dates.

An acceptance is an agreement to participate and pay in full for the entire season.

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