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Summer Camps

Pass, Set, Spike

Skills Camps

The Edge Volleyball Club is offering a variety of skills camps over the summer to target specific areas of play. Our skills camps are all one hour long and are all drop in welcome allowing you to personalize what training you get. All skills camps will offer multiple age groups and skill levels. This allows each athlete to learn and progress based on what they need to work on the most. We offer skills camps for Blocking, Hitting, Setting, Defense/Serve Receive, and Serving. Get exactly the reps you need to round yourself out or get yourself ahead to stand out!

Enhance your Game

High School Prep Camp

The Edge Volleyball Club is offering a High School Prep Camp this year to help athletes get "The Edge" at their tryouts. The High School Prep Camp is designed specifically to fit between most local High School’s summer camp and their tryouts for the fall season. This program is intended as an extension of the skills camps that run earlier in the summer to allow the players to connect all the new skills together to become a more dynamic athlete. These camps will have a combination of overall skills training as well as specialized positional training for the athletes.

Hone your skills

Middle School Prep Camp

The Edge Volleyball Club is offering two Middle School Prep Camps this year. These camps are intended to prepare young athletes for the middle school club season by offering a wide spectrum of skills training. During the prep camp our coaches will also help focus athletes on skills or positions that they would be a good fit for. Besides offering a plethora of volleyball skills training, the camp will also focus on more broader agility, strength, and conditioning used for all sports and activities. This is a great fit for athletes who plan to play club volleyball or pursue their middle school volleyball team.

Camp Pricing

Skills Camps


  • Suggested Ages: 11-18
  • 1 Hour Long
  • Prepay or drop in, no commitment needed
  • Camps split by skill level
  • Blocking, Setting, Hitting, Passing, and Serving focused camps
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High School Prep Camp


  • Suggested Ages: 14-18
  • 2 Weeks Long
  • 2 Hour Practices
  • 2 Practices a week
  • All around skill training as well as individual positional training specialized for High School athletes
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Middle School Prep Camp


  • Suggested Ages: 11-13
  • 4 Practice Days
  • 2 Hour Practices
  • Prepare for Club Season
  • All around skill training specialized in skills vital for Middle School aged athletes
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1150 N River Rd, Des Plaines, IL 60016

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